Friday, April 10, 2020

How to inspire kids to become a good person during trying times

Becoming a seeker to begin practice from Samadhi Pada -2

NJ Corona Challenge-1 Knowledge to inner peace in mindfulness

Corona Challenge – Let’s Evolve Together

An online workshop preventing problems caused by
isolation and

discovering inner peace, happiness and wisdom

Many great masters go to voluntary isolation, going
into Himalayas or retreat into solitude to awaken to inner peace, happiness,
love and wisdom. why not apply the wisdom and practices during time of
isolation due to Corona Virus pandemic?

The sessions offer

Teachings on the principles of self-discovery
and turning isolation into opportunity
How to apply these principles into daily life
Guided practices of raising immunity, enhancing
awareness, deep relaxation and awakening to inner peace.
Question and Answer, Group Sharing and follow up
About the Program
The lessons come from Eastern Wisdom that is over
6000 years old; supported by 3000 teachers and texts. The texts serve as manual
for self-discovery leading to inner peace and happiness. The teachings of ancient
masters serve as personalization of the practices that will benefit us all.

During this time of crisis, experts say that we should
safeguard ourselves and others around us. This is what the the ancient masters
teach us in eastern wisdom although a little differently. Our essential nature
is permanent peace, happiness, love and wisdom. When we engage, educate and
empower the mind to experience the state of inner calm, peace and happiness; we
become free from challenges of isolation, fear, and anxiety.  We can help people around us with the same
principles and practices.

Our upcoming discussions include:
How to turn isolation into silence within for
inner peace?
How to overcome fears in time of crisis?
What is our true nature and how to use time at
home to discover it?

When and where

Google hangouts – virtual session online through
Duration 60 minutes
Mondays at 6pm and Thursdays at 8am Arizona, Phoenix


-       Computer,
iPad, Laptop, smart phone
-       Internet
Contact –
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